ProWorks Group provides clients the necessary advice and support when starting a business or entering the market in Hawai`i for the first time.

We will work with you to determine the best business structure for your business in Hawai`i, introduce you to the compliance requirement related to tax, employing people and generally 
running your business.

On top of the wide compliance requirements, Hawai`i market while not  being very big presents challenges rooted in specific business practices and based on relationships that often create a barrier for business start ups. Our goal is to help our clients to succeeed in Hawai`i for long term as our success lies in our clients` success. We treat each of our clients as business partner and their business as our business. 

We will help you for strategies, pick the best structure and strategy for yoru business and team and all this focused on your financial performance and profit. We will share our knowledge on the market specifics, practices, help form approach strategies, introduce trusted and tested partners, help with market research and start the business. 

We will assist with the company establishment, initial registration with the state and federal authorities, assist you with recruitment and on-boarding your team and more.